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Boot Camp

Louisville’s First and ONLY rooftop Boot Camp.  A Boot Camp is designed to help participants feel  a sense of belonging, self-worth and most importantly Boot Camp’s  are designed to help people get into shape.  This is not your typical boot camp where the trainer gets personal satisfaction in seeing their clients throw up.  That is not what we do at Bryen’s BootCamp.  Overtraining can promote injury and is a negative impact to your muscles. This is constantly in the back of the minds of our staff. We will never give you anything that we do not feel that you can’t handle as a boot camp participant.  And with that being said….we will however ABSOLUTELY stretch you to your limits whether you a beginner, intermediate, or more advanced.  We will utilize the principle of progression in the right manner and effective enough to not plateau or have your workouts stagnant by changing intervals, using Tabata training, body weight exercises in different repetitions and sets, and many other tools and techniques. We have trained Division I College athletes, Housewives looking to get back into shape.  Marathon runners, Morbidly Obese Women and Men, Those deemed “fit” by society, Those deemed “unfit” by society….we have trained everyone.  All sizes, all shapes, and all levels.

Personal Training

Meal Plans

FREE Consultation

21 Day Meal and Workout Plans

Personal Training

We do our training by consultation only.  You may set a consultation with Bryen or one of his trainers by email:  or Contact us.

1x1 Sessions include

- Nutritional Guidance

- Weekly Workouts

- Access to BryensBootCamp Blog /Articles/Tools

- 30 Minute Training Sessions with our team of capable and top rated Personal Trainers

21 Day Cleanse

The 21 day cleanse is about the strategic order and incorporation of phytonutrients (vegetables/plant based nutrients) with proteins and fat in a pattern and timing so that your body runs on its glycogen (true energy) stores versus stored fat which keeps your body in a catabolic state. You want to be in an anabolic and metabolic fat burning state. This will prime your body to do so and run on its optimum performance.  I recommend this as the start to my training program(s) because it teaches discipline and also helps to promote eating more raw forms of nutrition combined with the strategic timing to show you when you are “truly” hungry verses when you are just bored or mindlessly eating without utilizing portion control.

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